Tax Refund Advance Loans

Need cash now? Get up to a $7000 advance loan while you wait for your tax refund. Apply today and get approved in minutes. K&MTaxes can help you.

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How it Works

Smooth process with K&M

With the window for this service limited, there are only so many people we can help. We have a limited number of slots and serve on a first come first serve basis. For those we are able to onboard, the process is fast, easy, and straightforward.

Apply with your K&M agent

Book an appointment with your K&M agent to start your tax return loan application.

Submit Details for Filing

Provide the required information your information to start your tax loan application.

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Receive your loan amount within 24 hours of approval.

Payment upon completion

You will only be charged a small fee after you receive your loan.

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