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These Services Include But Are Not Limited To:

Bookkeeping (Monthly, Quarterly, or Annually)  

General Ledger and Financial Statement Preparation

Accounting System Setup and Support

 Payroll and Sales Tax processing

Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting

 Personal Financial Statements

Income Taxes and Preparation

We guide you through a full range of tax planning and preparation decisions
using planning and strategies that minimize your tax cost. Our expertise,
experience, analysis, and thorough research allow us to optimize your
financial opportunities utilizing existing as well as recently modified and
sometimes proposed tax laws.


IRS, State, and Local Tax Audit and Collection Representation

We handle tax audits of all kinds and because of our extensive tax law
knowledge and where we can take advantage of loopholes:

 Payroll Tax Audits

Sales Tax Audits

 Real Estate Audits
Income Tax Audit
Income Tax Appeals
Estate and Gift Tax Audits

We collaborate with you on all phases of the audit process making sure we get
the best results available under each circumstance.

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